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This fandom is dedicated to the Matrix film trilogy and related fictional universe. Based from the masterpiece live-action/animation film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and inspired of the Wachowski Brothers: The Matrix Series. As a narrative, the Who Framed Miku saga tells of a war between a human resistance and a race of sentient Machines, who enslaving humanity within a global warming known for an pollution wasteland machines global crisis. One of the masters behind BNK48 Machines took place where the countries sets out of modern-age day. Who Framed Miku indie films center on the One and Only, James-Taylor Valiant. a young man with a special ability and an important destiny of computer hacker, and his idolized with Neo.

The media throughout in this Who Framed Miku series prior to short animation videos, full animation videos, indie feature-film, live-action/anime animation videos are various threads of background stories that cut across different mediums, such as film trilogy, as well as light comic book, local games, animation music video and the Evolution of the Reality animated series.

Who Framed Miku Franchise

  • Who Framed Miku 1
  • Who Framed Miku 2: Reloaded
  • Who Framed Miku 3: Revolution
  • Who Framed Miku Backstories: Evolution Of The Reality
  • Who Framed Miku Local Games
  • Who Framed Miku 4: Refugees
  • Who Framed Miku 5: Revision
  • Who Framed Miku 6: Resurrection
  • Who Framed Miku 7: Reflexives
  • Who Framed Miku 8: Refection
  • Who Framed Miku 9: Revolted
  • Who Framed Miku 10: Reflections Revisionist
  • Who Framed Miku Web-Media Universe